Affecting Everything We Do: How Bias Affects A Person’s Choices and Behavior

Favor of one thing over another, usually in an unfair way is bias. Bias can be seen everywhere, from the books we read to everyday life like picking the neighborhood we want to live in. Sometimes bias isn’t shown intentionally, though. Bias normally affects people in a negative way by isolating minorities. Bias affects a person’s choices and behavior, leading to sometimes unforeseen outcomes in society. This bias is developed by how people are raised and their experiences in life

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Leadership Essay Tricks

Essay writing is fundamental to students since it allows the teacher to evaluate the student’s capability of situation analysis, critical observation, knowledge, and ability to make an argument.
Many students take pleasure in giving words to their thoughts and opinion since written communication is their strength, but most find it difficult to express themselves. Although today there are some essay writing services available for such students. They may contact write paper for me or another academic writing service with such a request, “I need help with my homework.”
But as a matter of fact, not everywhere in life, you can seek help. Writing skills are essential to excel in academic and professional careers since you have to finish admission tests, official documents, etc. It’s better to take the initiative in writing and put yourself into the task.
Almost all of us, at some point in our academic career, have to write about Leadership. The topic may vary from the essential traits of a leader to the role of a leader in bringing change in the society. Whatever is the question, this topic is teachers’ favorite one for essays, also in ILETS or TOFEL exams.
Here are some Leadership Essay Tricks that you can use to gain mastery over this topic:

Understand the Topic and Research Question

If the topic about leadership is given, and the thesis question is clear, it’s easier to make an outline of your essay and brainstorm the components that can answer the research question.
In case you are just asked to write Leadership Essay, then you have to think about a topic question. Keep in view your strength and knowledge in the topic and then go to the introduction part. For example, if you think that in leadership, the most significant trait is knowledge and ability to inspire, and it is easier for you to generate an argument of it, then go ahead.

Make The Introduction Interesting – Highlight The Significance of Leader And Its Role

It is pertinent that you can introduce your topic in a paragraph or two with an eyecatching opening sentence, some supportive sentences, and then stating the research question explicitly. For the opening, you may make a sentence that tells how important the leaders are to the society or how they contribute to the global economic changes, etc.

Research About Leadership and the Theories

While writing on any topic related to leadership, it will be immensely helpful that you check some leadership articles, theories of leadership, and research papers that suggest its relationship with various concepts, such as the role of leadership in change management. This information and pre-hand knowledge will help strengthen your arguments.

Share Personal Experience

Share your own experience and observation related to the topic that supports your argument. For example, you may quote in a sentence or two how in your locality, someone took the leadership role to bring a specific change. This will demonstrate you can relate the topic to the real world.

Support Your Argument With Statistics

Research a little about the topic, the relevant statistics can adorn your document. For example, you can find information that 60% of the community will definitely follow the instructions of their leaders.

Give Example of The Relevant Leaders

Your knowledge of global affairs, politics, organizational leadership will help you quote some examples in the body of your essay. This gives a positive impression and will support your argument.

Present a Clear Conclusion

You must summarize the main points and give an explicit conclusion about the question. Here you are not required to write anything new, but to compose some strong conclusive remarks.