This kit is is no longer available for purchase.
Instead: GET IT FREE with the Creative Dream Incubator, a master class in the art of bringing your dream to life.

Pick a prize. Any prize you want.

A new house, with a sunlit loft to write poetry in.
A beautiful vacation in Italy, with your best friend since childhood.
A fulfilling career, that fills your heart with champagne bubbles — and covers your bills.

You can have it. There’s NO question about it.

This Kit will show you how to get your prize — and any prize — by using your Creative Journal as a Magic Wand to transform that flickering idea into a Wish — FULFILLED.

And along the way, you’ll also pick up some amazing new tools for magic-i-fying and amaz-i-fying your entire life.

Tools for making things happen in your life.
Tools for inspiring yourself — and everyone around you — into Bigger, Wilder Dreams.
Tools that work so well you’ll feel like you just waved a Magic Wand and changed everything.

Basic. Beautiful. Brimming with brilliance.

The Creative Journal Magic Kit is a foundational learning experience (and pre-requisite toolkit) for my Creative Journal Magic Kits, because the stuff in here makes everything else so much more magical.

“This is one of the best experiences of my journey yet and I know I will refer to the materials often. It was exactly what was needed!” – Laura

Helping you get what you WANT is my life’s work…and play.

About me: The Creator of the Creative Journal Magic Kit

I am an artist and avid creative journaler.  I’ve studied the spiritual art of DREAM-FULFILLMENT for nearly fifteen years, and have been teaching creative journaling for years, helping people use their creative journals as a tool for transformation, healing and magic.

I have the tools to help you get what you want.  And I’m literally wiggle-dancing with excitement to share them with you!

“After reading the lesson and listening to you…I can feel my heart opening up…the walls starting to slowly crumble…and the real me wanting to come out to play with all of this glorious creativity!” – Lynette

“Doing this exercise has really helped to clarify which areas I am more stuck with and which I am already flowing towards…

I am so appreciative of the opportunities your course is bringing to me.  I wanted you to know that your efforts are making a difference out here in the world. You are an agent of change!” – Hilary

How it Works

You’ll get 20 sparkling, magical lessons that include:

  • How to navigate every part of the Creative Journaling process – from getting started to choosing your prize to getting your prize. Yay! Prizes!
  • Video-tours of my delicious Creative Journals, and visual lessons to help the messages sink in deeper.
  • One particularly amazing video of me leading you in a totally magic-inducing stuck-melting visualisation exercise (this one alone is worth the price of the whole kit!)
  • Supercharged meditations to activate your Creative Spirit (no snoozing — just shimmying).

The Goods:

  • A 53-page e-book
  • 9 videos
  • 2 guided meditation mp3s

Supplies you’ll need:

  • A Journal or notebook (or big stack of paper).
  • Writing Tools: a single pencil — oooor, if you’re like me, 15 different glitter pens.
  • Collage Tools: magazines & old books you don’t mind cutting up — plus scissors and glue.
  • Anything else you want to play with: like crayons, pastels, paints, pencil crayons, paints, glitter glue, feathers, photographs, and scrapbooking goodies.
  • A computer with access to the Internet: to watch & download videos and meditation mp3s.
  • As much free time as you can muster: you could spend all day journaling (and you might want to!) but this Kit is designed to be used as often as you like — for as long as you can.

The price:


Visualize your desires…in vivid techni-color.

And get what you want. Again, and again.


This kit is is no longer available for purchase.
Instead: GET IT FREE with the Creative Dream Incubator, a master class in the art of bringing your dream to life.

“I am in a wonderful place now in life. I want you to know what a difference your help and mentoring has made for me.  I tingle from head to toe every time I paint something. And the inspirations are popping like popcorn!”  – Sarah