This kit is is no longer available for purchase.
Instead: GET IT FREE with the Creative Dream Incubator, a master class in the art of bringing your dream to life.

You, my dear, are amazing.

Yes! You sparkle and shine in a way that no one else can.

You have magic in you.

You can do anything.

That little voice that lives in your heart tells you this is true.

It whispers to you that you are an amazing being, here to do amazing things.

It talks about Purpose and Spirit and Dreams and Fulfillment and Love and Magic.

But then, there’s that other voice.

The one that says you can’t.

That it’s too hard.

That you don’t know how.  And other people can do it better, anyway.

That it’s too big a risk.

And who are you to dream?

And maybe you can do it later but you sure can’t do it now. You have more important things to do.

But it probably won’t work anyway and you’re better off not trying.

You’re familiar with this voice, yes?


I know it’s painful and hard and you’d rather not talk about it.

But unless you change this, nothing can change in your world.

Dreams can’t take root and grow.

There just isn’t any space for purpose or magic – it’s all taken up by this voice that says you can’t.

But that voice is not as big as it seems.  Not nearly.

It’s like the Wizard of Oz. You have to pull back the curtain to reveal the tiny little being behind these big words.

And then you’ll see the truth: that tiny being actually just wants to help – he’s just acting like a jerk because he just doesn’t know how else to be.

And with love and gentleness and creativity and imagination heart and spirit you can show him new ways to be.

That’s right: Play, explore and doodle your way to a more fruitful relationship with your inner critic.

And your inner critic can become your most powerful ally.

If that sounds too far-fetched: you want to start with the Creative Journal Magic: Turn your Journal into a Magic Wand kit.  Creative Journal Magic is the suggested prerequisite for the Inner Critic Kit because it teaches all of the Creative Journal Magic basics that make everything you’ll do in this kit more magic, effective and fun.


I am worthing creative journaling“This is the first creative journal page I did with Transform Your Inner Critic, illustrating the recovery of my heart, and the new feeling I had about my heart acknowledging the inner critic.
This feels like the end of an internal war and gives some space for growth.  Sylvie

I use this material almost very day.

This is the #1 Most Helpful Tool when it comes to living your dreams.

My inner-critic-turned-powerful-ally gives me the best advice!

He makes it easier for me to live my dreams and to keep dreaming bigger dreams.

When I’m stuck or confused or scared he always gives me the most amazing advice – things I would not have thought of on my own.

If you wonder how I was able to build my business or how I manage to do so much (blogging, coaching and running a business on my own while continually creating new kits and courses and still having time for a weekly spa date with myself) the secret is in this kit.

Not spending time arguing with or listening to that critical inner voice frees up more time than you may realise.

It also makes it possible to do things that you may currently think are impossible.

If you’re wondering who I am – hello!  My name is Andrea.

I support myself as a coach, course leader & creator of magical kits to help with everything from overcoming fear to mapping your goals to building the heart-centered business of your dreams.

I’m actively & passionately working on my mission of overflowing this whole world with sparkly wishes (fulfilled!) and dreams (come true!) — and I’m enjoying every second of my chosen adventure.

I want precisely the same freedom, richness & delight…for you, and your life.

And that is why I made this kit.

The Transform Your Inner Critic Kit is a TransformativeCreative Adventure through your Inner World. It includes:

  • Beginning:  everything you need to get your adventure off on the right start
  • 4 modules that lead you through every aspect of your adventure, with video lessons, guided meditations and creative journaling projects
  • Ending: everything you need to take what you learned and use it to make a real difference in your life
  • 6 videos, 2 guided meditation mp3s
  • Secret messages that calm down your inner critic

All this for $75.

This kit is is no longer available for purchase.
Instead: GET IT FREE with the Creative Dream Incubator, a master class in the art of bringing your dream to life.