Affecting Everything We Do: How Bias Affects A Person’s Choices and Behavior

Favor of one thing over another, usually in an unfair way is bias. Bias can be seen everywhere, from the books we read to everyday life like picking the neighborhood we want to live in. Sometimes bias isn’t shown intentionally, though. Bias normally affects people in a negative way by isolating minorities. Bias affects a person’s choices and behavior, leading to sometimes unforeseen outcomes in society. This bias is developed by how people are raised and their experiences in life

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10 Best Modern Love Essays To Read

Description: If you have no time to read long novels, short essays are ideal for you. We've compiled the best must-read modern love essays for you.
Modern people almost don't read any books, and that's a significant problem. However, they still buy newspapers or read them online. And publishers do their best to engage people and publish lots of interesting content besides news. For example, the New York Times decided to create the column with real-life love stories named Modern Love. Then it became a podcast, and less than one year ago, people saw eponymous TV series based on these essays.
But neither listening nor watching can delve you into the plot and stimulate the deepest thoughts as reading can. If you don't like love stories, Modern Love essays will change your opinion. They will make you believe in love, even if you've given up on it. There's also another way to believe in love again — try to find it on a dating website, such as Ashley Madison. Read Ashley Madison review to be sure of its credibility, join it, and find your soulmate. And the following essays will inspire you.

"Uh, Honey. That's Not You Line" by Matterson Perry

It was published in 2013. The plot centers around the author's relationships with Manic Pixie Dream Girl. The issue of a toxic relationship is acute now, so everyone must read it.

"No Labels, No Drama, Right?" by Jordana Narin

If you faced the problem of your and your soulmate's reluctance to define relationship firsthand, this essay would surely resonate with your current feelings or memories.

"The Five Stages of Ghosting Grief" by Rachel Fields

Being ghosted is like getting a stab in the back for an enamored person. Sooner or later, it occurs with everyone, so read the essay to relieve your pain or prepare yourself for it.

"The Tallest Man I Ever Loved" by Andrew Rannels

Do you dream of manifesting your desires? Read about a similar author's experience that will give you a good laugh.

"Just One Last Swirl Around The Bowl" by Dave Burry

Even a simple fact that the author won a Pulitzer Prize is a good reason to read this paper. The author explains how it's hard to watch how someone you love dies.

"Would My Heart Outrun Its Pursuer?" by Gary Presley

The plot follows a quadriplegic woman who's given up to find love, but this feeling, as usual, came out of nowhere and changed the life.

"Am I Gay or Straight? Maybe This Fun Quiz Will Tell Me" by Katie Heaney

If you questioned your sexual orientation at least once and tried to find answers on the Internet, read this story, and you'll familiarize yourself with it.

"My Body Doesn't Belong to You" by Heather Burthman

Lots of people suffer from harassment and abuse. Each person chooses the way of how to look and your body; it's nobody's business. This essay is devoted to this problem, and it's worth reading.

"After 264 Haircuts, a Marriage Ends" by William Dameron

It's one of the most-read essays in the Modern Love column. The man continued returning home even after he came out because haircut was their ritual.

"My So-Called (Instagram) Life" by Clara Dollar

Read this essay to find out what happens when a person's Instagram profile is too different from the real image.